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Stop the Secret Speech Police



Wisconsin conservatives have made historical and much needed reforms to state government and the results speak for themselves: billion dollar deficits turned into surpluses, income and property taxes are down, and school districts and other local units of government have the tools they need to make their budgets more efficient and less expensive for taxpayers.

But pro-union forces have teamed up with partisan prosecutors in Milwaukee to take down Governor Walker and his conservative allies. They’ve launched a secret John Doe investigation targeting more than two dozen conservative organizations that have worked since 2010 to help change the state.

Conservatives in Wisconsin have been subjected to pre-dawn raids on their home, kitchen sink subpoenas, leaks to the media, and huge legal bills to defend their lives and reputations. The goal of prosecutors is to shut down conservative speech by letting conservatives know that they’d better shut up and stay out of the political arena to avoid subpoenas and harassment.

But you can help us fight back! One judge has already told prosecutors that they have no probable cause to seize computers, files, and other items from conservatives. He made it clear that the conservative efforts targeted by the secret investigation are legal under Wisconsin law and protected by the First Amendment.

But it’s not over yet.

Several cases are pending in state and federal court where these issues will be resolved once and for all.

Your contribution $25, $50, $100 or even more will help conservatives see this battle through to the very end.

The future of our great state depends on the ability its citizens to freely engage in the political process.

We can’t let the secret speech police stop us now!

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