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With your help we will continue to investigate, report, and fight the biggest threats to our liberty. We will continue to assist and support Constitutional conservatives running for office. We are fighting a heavy battle right now and our resources are depleted. We need your help right away. We will be circulating our report on the Southern Poverty Law Center as soon as we can push this investigation through.

For the last nine years we have been the source for information that has corrected the record and kept you well versed in the facts of many things --from reporting to you in 2008 about Obama's radical clergyman Jeremiah Wright, to the Ground Zero mosque, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and the IRS targeting scandal. In almost all of these reports we provided you with information that no one else had at the time and we drove the media to cover these critical events against their will.

We rely on our years of training and rare skills to dig into some of the most covered up news and bring it to light--and you are always the first to know.

We need your help to continue. We cannot afford to keep our people in the field gathering evidence, exposing government corruption, and making sure the most conservative representatives win elections. That is what we do, but we can do nothing without your help.

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