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We must stop the disinformation!!



Our southern border is being invaded by a group called "People Without Borders" or its Spanish equivalent, "Pueblo Sin Fronteras". The innocent people you see on TV news were trained on what to say when they are caught at the border. The media is lying daily about President Trump's policy on illegal border crossings.

We will be working around the clock to get this new TV ad out over the weekend. We will need you to help us buy airtime so that people see what Democrats are doing to our country.

The Republican establishment is not capable of fighting this type of war. You know who is? We are. We have military veterans, intelligence veterans, and journalism veterans that know how to fight this type of information warfare against a dangerous enemy.

Make no mistake, they are dangerous. These groups (including elected Democrats) are advocating that the U.S. have "no borders". These groups aim to break us, and they are close to accomplishing their goal. We know how to use the corrupt Democrat tactics against them and we are not afraid to do so.

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