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Democrats have been giving China power over US for years! For your donation of just $30 or more you will get two documentaries ("Trading with the Enemy" and "Desert Stormtroopers") that reveal the Clintons' role in aiding Communist China. We interviewed the players involved. We went directly to the source--the communist Chinese. If we have Hillary in the White House they will surely finish us off! And right now Communist China is increasing its military with technology that the Clintons handed over to them in exchange for illegal campaign donations and cash payments to them. It is time every American knows the true intentions of the Clintons!! PLUS we'll send you Scott Wheeler's latest book, Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America, one of the most revealing books that details the corruption, the cover-up and sellout to foreign powers.

We'll send you ALL THREE ITEMS for your donation of just $30--and shipping is on us! AND the proceeds will go toward defeating Democrats!!

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